Putting the ‘U’ back in HUMAN.

The mission of Habitual Roots is to empower communities by raising awareness and increasing knowledge on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in order to ultimately build habits of positive self-care.

Our Vision

​Our Vision:
To see a world habitually driven to be mindfully aware and emotionally intelligent.
Our Mission

Our Mission:
Our mission is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to know themselves well and improve their sense of inner peace.

Our programs empower communities by spreading the knowledge of emotional intelligence and mindfulness that enable individuals to build habits of positive self-care.
Our Story

​Our Story: 

In 2016, our co-founders were living in a relatively big city, working considerably good office jobs, and spending their weekends and free time like most other urban-dwelling 20-somethings – partying hard. It wasn’t a bad life, but it wasn’t great.  In a city so crowded, you’d think it’d be easier to meet people.  Being considered so professionally successful by the rest of society, you’d think the work would be more fulfilling.  Partying with so many “friends” on the weekends, you’d think it be easier to make meaningful connections.  But it wasn’t. 

Life seemed lonely, superficial, and kind of pointless. They were not happy. And they came to realize that their peers weren’t happy either. So they embarked on a mission to understand why. 

Why aren’t we happy, when we’ve done everything society promised would make us happy? 

We go to college and get a job.  We go to work and hustle like mad to make all the money we can so that we can afford the things we’re told are important – a high-end apartment, a flashy car, clubs, clothes, and Instagram-worthy vacations. But it just isn’t there. Those things don’t cut it. When we lie down at the end of the day, we’re still alone.  Alone with ourselves.

And that’s where our founders had a breakthrough – it’s us!

When all the money, and clout, and stuff is stripped away, when all the people we call friends have gone home, it is ourselves with whom we are left to contend.  If we are not happy with ourselves, if we do not like the company we keep when we are alone, there is no happiness to be had.

And so our founders began to ask questions of themselves: Am I a kind person? Do I believe in the work I’m investing my time in?  Do I actually like my friends? Are my relationships authentic?

In an attempt to answer these questions, they began pouring over studies and research regarding what makes life fulfilling and what exactly makes people truly happy.  This research led them to the concept of emotional intelligence, the idea that human connection, community, and the way we interact with others is what is truly important.

Habitual Roots was born from the idea that what we call "life," is primarily made up of what each person habitually does. Through a person's habits, they have the potential to influence their own psychological and mental well-being. Our thought is that as the digital age continues to exponentially grow, it is paramount that our society develop the conscious awareness required to live a genuine and connected life.

Our team has spent years immersing themselves in modern research regarding habit formation, emotional intelligence, happiness, optimization, law of attraction, yoga and mindfulness.  Our founders even became certified life coaches in order to better help others connect with themselves and their world.

Now operating in both Denver, C.O. and Charlotte, N.C., we provide specialized knowledge on how to raise personal and global awareness regarding the emotional famine experienced by millions.

No matter the means or medium, our intentions are the same - to help our world build stronger connections both relationally and internally. Please check out our community and know that we welcome anyone who is interested in helping or discussing like-minded ideas!