Hungry Harvest

28202, United States of America


Feed people not landfills. Get farm fresh produce delivered to your door that would have otherwise gone to waste for being the wrong size, shape, or color, or a farmer grew too much and had overstock he or she wouldn't be able to sell.

Did you know that 20% of ALL produce grown in the US ends up going to waste? Not only does food waste contribute to overflowing landfills, but it also discharges harmful chemicals (methane) into the environment causing a double whammy of negative impact. Not to mention all of the water, time, and energy that goes in to growing these crops that never make it on to someone's plate. All because they don't fit the aesthetic standards of retail grocery stores (size, shape, color), or a farmer grew too much and didn't have an outlet for the excess.

Hungry Harvest works with farmers and wholesalers to rescue these items and get them to your door. All for less than you'd pay at the store. 

If you're interested in getting fresh produce weekly or bi-weekly, and would like to support sustainability in your everyday routine, go to and use the code LETSMEETCLT for $15 off your first order. Boxes start at just $15, and each delivery saves at least 10 lbs of produce from going to waste. 


28202, United States of America
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